Terms & Conditions


Our mission is clear and straightforward: allow our customers to talk to each of their customers interactively, durable, innovative and, above all, so profitable, iutandoli to differentiate their offer in hyper competitive markets.

Privacy policy

CommonGrounds has adopted an ethical code of conduct referenced in the relationship with their customers, partners and suppliers and purchasing and processing of data and dufficiali in full respect of the Italian law d.l. 196- 2003.

Code Of Ethics

CommonGrounds is a company that looks at innovation and therefore based solely on the professionalism of the resources that are part of it and on a careful and profound sceta of its partners and its own chain of value.
We see our job as a chance to build values that our customers and the market, iano respectful and that may contribute to the development of a more healthy and fair economic culture.
The concepts that this code of conduct is inspired by are: competence, honesty, empathy, innovation and development, transparency and consistency.