Services To Support Business Strategy

CommonGrounds intervention areas in Relational Marketing range from strategic consulting to the design and implementation of CRM and Contact Management operations. Testing and multichannel communication campaigns are designed starting from the knowledge of the basic elements and the available data.
The tools and services are used from time to time by CommonGrounds specialists to enable customers to have a complete view of the investments.
Main Services:
• Customer analysis
• Enrichment of the Customer Database with microterritorial information
• Dimensional and geographical analysis of the potential market
• Analysis of competition
• Analysis of the network
• Assistance in using geomarketing logics to identify and quantify the target, plan activities (especially Below The Line) and make investments more efficient in communication
• Redemption Analysis and identification of the most reactive clusters
• Evaluation of the performance of products on the market and the launch of new services
• Definition of ways to differentiate without using only the lever of price promotion, but strategically managing customer service

  Services to help the enterprise to manage customer relationships

  • Building community launches based on accurate preventive market researches (Focus Group, Quantitative Analysis, Web Monitoring, etc.)
• Community Management related to the brand or specific product
• Customer Database Analysis to improve the knowledge of the customers
• Management of loyalty programs: Operational CRM, Analytical CRM, Technological Platform Management, Card Production, Creativity
• Creation and management of Loyalty Programs that have a solid Marketing Setting, a strong technological component and an intelligent use of the collected data
• Interventions aimed at acquiring and retaining donors and volunteers
• Interventions to manage contact with the client company, small business and residential (CRM, Loyalty)
• Design of interventions aimed at reducing churn, increasing the Average Revenue Per Unit and retaining the best customers
• Design and implementation of actions aimed at increasing the average useful life of subscribers / customers (Data Mining)
• Creation of thematic maps showing customers served and sales
• Surveys aimed at understanding customer attitudes and behaviors to Increase the Life Time Value, predict the risk of abandonment.

Services for the Government of the distribution network

  • • Implementation of models to rationalize and optimize the operating presence on the territory, improving profitability
    • Reengineering of the "Areas of Influence" of the dealers and distribution in the trade area / poles
    • Redefining the network of agencies in the area according to the potential of each area
    • Remodeling of the network layout
    • Support for potential store managers in identifying the location
    • Support in the configuration of the network of points of sale taking into account the dynamics of opening and management of shopping centers, the heterogeneity of the regulations governing openings, the development of the Franchising
    • Support in deciding which premises to close and which to renew
    • Development of cockpits on the dynamics of the market, for management and field force use
    • Development and management of physical contact points and customer management (eg Energy Point)
    • Development and management of single-brand retail outlets and their harmonization with other distribution channels
    • Verification of the consistency between the performance of the workshops / potential of the circulating fleet
    • Verification of the optimal coverage of the primary and secondary network (Sale / After Sales)