Measure To Understand

  • • The complexity due to the personalization of the relationship with the Customer is managed through sophisticated platforms.
    • Each operation of Relational Marketing is designed by CommonGrounds, providing the measurement points of the Campaign during the design phase. Each operation is carefully analyzed and controlled through a test plan.
    • The flexibility of reporting tools and the ease of web-based consultation at different "levels" of the organization effectively and pervasively involve all the "players" of the company organization: Marketing, Sales, Post Sales.
    • The "real time" reading of a CRM operation allows a quick "register" of the entire commercial organization, offer, promotion, product, territory in a "synchronous" way, multiplying in this way the effect obtainable on the final result.
    • By amplifying the points of contact each single production unit "participates" in the promotional operation, provoking its success..

Campaign Management

Learn to communicate is the method of configuring communication adopted in CommonGrounds.
Creativity is built by Creative Director after a debriefing is analytical, so they can be modulated, through the media, to different types of customer.
A guaranteed end-to-end process that conduced House in our clients with respect to confidentiality and respect the value chain necessary for the execution of a complex and effective communications strategy.

  Geographical Information       System 

Geographic reports delivered via Web Services from CommonGrounds servers are a fundamental service:
• for the analysis and study phases of a territory
• for performance monitoring mapping
• for territorial micro-marketing operations
Through the reserved access web sessions each operation can be monitored directly by the client. Reporting services are built on the client's operational needs, including their territorial organization.

Multi Dimensional Analysis CRM dashboards

The increase of available data of commercial enterprises has created a high demand for simplification in reading and decision making for managers. CommonGrounds through sophisticated Data Mining algorithms can simplify the process of determining the KPI.
Through the process and summary of key Marketing data it is now possible to add unexplored dimensions on your knowledge. Any communication may be built on account of the needs or feelings of potential customers advertising message recipients.
At the same time you can:
·         exclude non-sensitive customers or uninterested to proposals with an immediate economic benefit for the company
·         avoid disturbing customers not covered through a contact that is not in line with their needs.
CommonGrounds designs custom reporting services on Microsoft IIS.