Non Profit Organizations

 CommonGrounds for  Non Profit

  • THE DATABASE OF SUPPORTERS - The main objective of every non-profit organization is to be able to keep the level of loyalty of its supporters high and to make them level up in the donor pyramid. Especially when the prospect lists continue, despite efforts, to offer very poor results both as redemption and average value. Certainly we are going through a very difficult period, economically and socially, so even non-profit organizations have to start a thorough reflection of where and how it is possible to preserve greater financial resources for the associative "mission". Where and how to invest the few resources available today? How to convince the Governing Bodies that the one proposed is the best decision? Do you invest everything on the "face to face" and, therefore, on the regular donation or on the digital that costs much less? You decide to flood messages and requests for help all the email addresses that you have available, sooner or later someone will answer ...? We believe................ 
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We believe that continuous innovation is a necessary requirement to capture the attention of the new generations of supporters, in an increasingly competitive scenario.
Some paths in which we help organizations
:• Building a two-way communication between Organization and Donor: technology allows it, the Apps are constantly growing, to be successful it is necessary to do "Community Management"
.• Analyze the current internal processes of the Organization, define an action plan to become «Paperless».
• Understand "the instinctive impact" of the Organization's Communication in terms of memory, attention, interest, emotion, using new Neuromarketing techniques
.• Design and development of fundraising E-Commerce programs.

  Database Intelligence

Knowing the behavior of supporters is not enough, it is necessary to have tools to read the whole market:
  •  Current Supporters and
  •  Potential supporters.
Geofocus is the tool that allows to read the socio-demographic characteristics of supporters and potentials,using the same microterritorial "measurement unit".

  Supporters Analysis

Everyone agrees that knowing the past history of the relationship with the Sustainer is one of the necessary elements  to define the present and future communication strategy. Often, however, for tactical reasons, the analyzes are made with a short-term horizon, risking to make the organization lose signals and instances coming from the base.
Our services:
• Analysis of the history of the Report to understand medium-term phenomena and define communication strategies.
• Behavioral Classification of Supporters to identify homogeneous audience for communication. Not just RFM!
• Loyalty analysis (LTV) to design effective loyalty programs.
• Use of Intelligence marketing techniques for Donor Recovery programs lost over time.
• Programs and Tools for the recovery of "Lost" supporters through the involvement of the Volunteers present in the Territory.
• Enrichment and enhancement of information assets (Leads) resulting from Actions or Events in the Territory.