Network and Territory

The main objectives of the proposed research facility will be those of:
• ANALYZE THE CURRENT AND POTENTIAL BASIN both with respect to the resident population and to the diurnal population, studying their behaviors and expectations;
• ACQUIRE a complete set of information on purchasing models and decision-making processes of the target target;
• QUANTIFY the weight of the main competitors and in particular with respect to the attractiveness of the point of sale;
• DELETE THE COMPETITIVE CONTEXT, identifying the profile and positioning of the sales point with respect to the main competitors in the trading area;
• TACTICALLY ANALYZING the needs and expectations of the target groups, in order to identify the possible keys to the market reading that are most useful for optimizing marketing and communication;
IDENTIFYING AND PROFILING the prospect market, investigating possible reasons for resistance and identifying the actions that could increase the appealing of the point of sale.

  Contest Analysis Services

• Analysis of the influence of a sales point
• Verification of the best location of new PVs
• Analyze the reasons for the underperforming PVs
• Predict and improve the assortments in the PV
• Drive local marketing actions (leafleting, billposting, etc.)
• Improve and enhance the use of the card database for development and retention purposes

  GeoTarget Service

GEOTARGET is the service that allows you to define in any way the gravity area of a point of sale and to obtain all the information available on potential consumers who live or frequent the defined area. Among the available information we find: diurnal and resident population, income, commuting, work activities and concentration of commercial activities.


  Relationship Strategy Study

• Implementation of models to rationalize and optimize the operating presence on the territory, improving profitability
• Reengineering of the "Areas of Influence" of the dealers and distribution in the trade area / poles
• Redefining the network of agencies in the area according to the potential of each area
• Remodeling of the network layout
• Support for potential store managers in identifying the location
• Support in the configuration of the network of points of sale taking into account the dynamics of opening and management of shopping centers, the heterogeneity of the regulations governing openings, the development of the Franchising
• Support in deciding which premises to close and which to renew
• Development of cockpits on the dynamics of the market, for management and field force use
• Development and management of physical contact points and customer management (eg Energy Point)
• Development and management of single-brand retail outlets and their harmonization with other distribution channels
• Verification of the consistency between the performance of the workshops / potential of the circulating fleet
• Verification of the optimal coverage of the primary and secondary network (Sales / After Sales).