How we work

  Know to Comunicate

Our commitment as a Relational Marketing company starts with knowledge. To know you, your vision of the market, your priorities, the marketing plan and the communication strategy. Knowing your "values" is a very important phase of the path to be taken together.

  Project Design

We design, design and build the launch of "user traction" interactive communication programs. We reiterate the processes until we find the right cost / benefit measure. We are agile, so changes in needs and strategies are not a problem. This is the beauty of CommonGrounds.

 Planning Management

We have worked for large companies with millions of customers and planned interactive communication campaigns. We know that the planning phase is at least as important as the operational phase. We help you become aware of the pros and cons of launching a complex CRM project.


We take care of every part of the communication process. Not only do we help you identify and reach your target, we advise you on the strategies of Communication, Sales, Marketing but we continue to improve the performance of your marketing database to become "your own" team of Relational Marketing.