Augmented Reality for Marketing.

  Geofocus: Augmented Reality for Marketing.

  What is Geofocus AR

Geofocus is a geodemographic classification system of the Italian territory based on statistical data referring to the main socio-economic characteristics of the population:
- Demographic structure
- Instruction
- Family structure
- Occupation
- Business sector
- Professional and non-professional structure
- Characteristics of housing
- Characteristics of residential buildings
- Income available
Geofocus allows, in a simple way, to effectively use all the segmentation criteria, breaking up the territories into single homogeneous units for needs, preferences, expectations and behaviors, adapting the offers (products and services) and the solutions of its Users to their targets reference. It allows companies, institutions and non-profit organizations to interpret the territory and dialogue with it: its digital maps allow it to be analyzed in demographic and socio-economic terms.
Geofocus draws on public data (ISTAT) and preserves the privacy of individuals and communities.

  How it Work ?

The axiom on which Geofocus is based, confirmed by countless experiments, is that "people who live nearby tend to assume the same lifestyle" and this is even more true the more the residential areas that are analyzed are small.
Geofocus works by dividing the Italian territory into about 400,000 "sections" of which the statistical data are known; the sections are classified into 12 Groups and, within them, in 34 clusters called "Segments".
In this way, Geofocus allows for example, at a glance, to read, on a digital map, the territory in socio-economic terms without having to analyze hundreds of data.
The most innovative feature is the ability to segment its customers using only geocoding: it is sufficient to have the address or data of the geographical location of residence to know the characteristics of its customers.
Once the most potential groups and segments have been identified, it is possible to communicate with them and reach them easily through their geographical location; therefore, I can not only know the characteristics of my current and potential clients but also where they live and how I can communicate with them.


  Geofocus AR for Business

Geofocus identifies the keys for the development of the business.
Evaluate in terms of performance and potential commercial areas, target and sales network.
It is aimed at companies operating in the territory through agents, branches or individual points of sale and whether or not they have an archive of final customers.
Geofocus helps to develop specific service areas based on the type and density of households and the resident population and gravitating in the selected territory also with reference to income and competition. It allows the identification of points of sale or under-performing areas, correlating, for specific areas, the turnover to the socio-economic characteristics of the residents and evaluating new commercial spaces.
But even companies that do not have a real territorial sales network (non-profit, e-commerce) can use Geofocus.
Geofocus performs a complete analysis of the customer database based on geo-demographic segmentation, enriching it with multi-dimensional evaluations with several variables. It also reports the most productive targets to pay particular attention in terms of customer relationship management (CRM) and to be developed through direct e-mail marketing (DEM) campaigns, web and social marketing, mailing, TMK or local marketing.

  Geofocus AR Government & Politics

Using public data (ISTAT source), Geofocus tracks needs, inconveniences, preferences, expectations and behaviors of those living in specific territorial areas. It allows public institutions and decision-makers, through context analysis and surveys, to analyze the needs and opinions of citizens and users according to homogeneous social groups located on the territory.
It is thus possible to construct and manage more effective relations with them in terms of mutual permeability and openness.
Geofocus responds to the need of the State (and its administrators) to rethink as a dynamic and flexible subject, inserted in a network of multi-directional relationships with a plurality of active subjects, bearers of collectively significant interests and increasingly complex and qualitatively high. It makes it possible to identify them on the territory and to characterize them socio-economically to offer them a mix of listening services and access to public life.
 The classification made by Geofocus becomes an instrument of understanding for the study of the behavior of voters, the strategies of the parties and candidates. And to define consequent communication actions.

  Geofocus AR Third Sector & ONP

Geofocus allows you to classify donors according to socio-demographic and economic levels.
By comparing the names of each segment with donations made over time, it reveals (and discovers) trends and relationships that affect the level of donor loyalty. In this way it allows the immediate identification of potentially more loyal donors and with which to develop longer and more profitable relationships.
Geofocus helps identify target groups, refine communication strategies to find new supporters and measure the effectiveness of new campaigns. The reading of the territory and its segments, allows to size resources and plan strategies in the areas considered (face to face, door to door, telemarketing).

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